April 21st, 2015 at 2:10am

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” These wise words from Rachel Zoe frame personal style as an art form and a channel of self-expression. Fashion may change as trends come and go, but if your personal style shines with personality, it will always be fabulous. Some individuals achieve high fashion without ever understanding style, and others may be stylish without necessarily being fashionable. I believe that any individual that expresses his or herself through personal style radiates confidence and finesse regardless of how dressy, casual, trendy or classic their look may be.

A stranger could learn a lot about this Fashionista simply based upon what she was wearing because her outfit was a direct reflection of her personality. This Fashionista sported a blue, color-blocked outfit featuring a tie-dye top with lace details, Sperry Top-Siders boat shoes and a necklace shaped like a whale. I bet that you could have guessed that she loves everything to do with the water. If the whale print on her shoes, charm on her necklace and blue wave-like pattern on her shirt did not give it away, this Fashionista is a fun-loving marine biology major who recently spent her spring break on a sailboat.

The most important part of developing personal style is to simply rock whatever makes you feel most confident, but if this Fashionista’s outfit is just speaking to you, it’s simple to replicate her look with the tips below.

How To: Growing up doesn’t necessarily mean having to ditch your wardrobe of tie-dye T-shirts; however, don’t be afraid to try a new take on this summer favorite next time you incorporate it into your look. Instead of boxy tee, opt for something with a more feminine shape and delicate details like this Fashionista did. You’ll still get all of the fun of tie-dye in a more age appropriate, stylish manner.