ALL IN THE DETAILS: Make Statements

I’ve recently been on the hunt for a unique statement necklace. I want something layered, bold and gold. It can be difficult to find the perfect one, but there are definitely a lot to choose from. Putting on statement jewelry with a simple T-shirt or dress has been a trend. Adding accessories to an outfit you’ve worn before can give it an upgrade. With the right accessories, you can turn a basic outfit into something special.

When I first saw this Fashionista’s outfit, I was intrigued by her necklace. As we see here, a layered necklace and rings make a ribbed shirt and high-waisted denim shorts look like an outfit for a rock-star. This Fashionista dons an eccentric choker and another vintage looking one. It gave her outfit a cool bohemian vibe. By wearing toned down clothing, she let her necklace, rings and earrings be the statement pieces. Also, the neutral palette of her outfit didn’t clash with any of her jewelry.

There are different accessories you can add to your outfit to give it a new look. You can add a statement necklace, stack on some bracelets and put on multiple rings. Another thing you can do is mix metals. You don’t have to stick with silver or gold when choosing what jewelry to wear. If you have a ring that’s gold and a bracelet that’s silver and they both complement the outfit, don’t be afraid to wear both. When you really want to mix things up, opt for layering necklaces. Layering necklaces is a great way to wear more than one piece and put on necklaces you’ve been dying to show off. From dainty pieces to chunky ones, it’s always fun to see the different combinations you can make with the necklaces you have. The same goes for rings. I love wearing rings and mixing and matching different sets. I especially love stone rings. They are great when paired with smaller midi rings. This Fashionista’s outfit definitely made me want a statement necklace much more.

How To: If you have ever wanted to revamp a go-to outfit or add something fun to a basic outfit, the best thing to do is add statement jewelry. The larger the statement, the better!