ALL IN THE DETAILS: Make a Spectacle of Yourself

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Make a Spectacle of Yourself

Maybe you don’t see eye to eye with all fashion trends, but it doesn’t take having 20/20 vision to notice that glasses can be both a vital asset to a person’s wardrobe and a highlight. This Fashionista’s look is a prime example. Glasses can add an air of mystery or accentuate a friendly face. Glasses are the definition of studious-chic, so much so that you’ll look even more cultured while reading that William Faulkner for literature class. The key is all in the shape and how the glasses match one’s personality. This Fashionista has chosen a pair with a vintage, round finish with a slight wing. They highlight her cheekbones while she pulls her lips into a sincere smile, the next best accessory in her look.

The rest of the outfit features navy overall dress with a fun crochet detailing throughout. I love how she pairs them with a white crisp button-down. The Fashionista has the school girl style down to a “T.” For those final touches, she is bringing the arm candy trend back in full swing by layering a pearl bracelet with her brown leather strapped Apple Watch. The brown leather gives this new age technology a classic feel and matches the Fashionista’s brown leather Coach handbag. For footwear, she’s wearing light brown suede ankle booties.

If you’re planning on wearing your contacts tomorrow morning, I urge you to put them away and make a “spectacle” of yourself. Glasses are a vision and style staple. After all, even collegiates with perfect vision buy non-prescription glasses just to get the look.

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