ALL IN THE DETAILS: Majoring in Minimalism

April 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the inevitable, dreaded and unavoidable-at-all-costs week that all college students know and despise is approaching us. That’s right, finals week is just around the corner for the majority of us college students. Although one might be tempted to throw on some leggings and a shirt you slept in the night before (which is totally appropriate from time to time), one could also end the year with a bang. Whether it may be in class or for a night out, spicing up your wardrobe is an easy way to bring life back in to the draining last week of classes. But who said extravagant colors and designs are the only way to kick your style up a notch?

Little to no patterns and minimalist colors like tan/nude, black and white are anything but boring and basic, and can achieve a sophisticated, sleek style. Specifically, minimalist pieces in an outfit with small and subtle details, such as an unexpected neckline or captivating cutouts, seem to be trending this month.

This Fashionista sports a deeper take on the beloved sweetheart neckline with a nude colored bustier. This top also has small cutouts on the side that add a bit more texture and detail to a simple top. She pairs the crop top with a pair of black high-waisted skinny jeans and brown ankle boots, as well as a simple white and diamond encrusted watch and classic aviator sunglasses to balance out the minimalist look.

How To: Find a crop top of a minimalist color that has a distinguishable and daring detail, such as plunging neck line or one with eye-catching cutouts, to achieve an chic and clean look for nearly any occasion during finals week.