Spring is finally here! Although there are still small piles of snow here in Geneseo, the sun has finally come out and the weather is beginning to warm up. With each new season means new clothes. However, when living on a college budget do we ever factor in enough money for new clothes? I know I don’t always remember to, but this Fashioinisto found the solution to all of our problems.

By cutting the sleeves off of his plaid shirt, he could then use the extra fabric to patch an old pair of jeans. Not only did this repair the hole but created a matching set of pants to go with his shirt. Although it is now warmer and there’s no need for those bulky winter jackets anymore, it’s still good to have some sort of jacket. Simply by adding a tan sweater and gray hat, in order to contrast against the red plaid, this Fashionisto formed a perfect complement combo. His black boots finished the look, subtly matching with the black in the plaid.

Plaid is one of the most popular and easy to find patterns. We often forget how simple plaid can be to incorporate into an outfit. Try plaid out for yourself and tie it in with your own personal style!

How To: Get creative and make your own plaid outfit! Cut off the sleeves and create your own matching pair of pants or go even farther by making your own hat, jacket or even a skirt.