ALL IN THE DETAILS: Long Live the Jean Jacket

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Long Live the Jean Jacket

Have you ever looked back at old pictures of your parents and thought, “Do I have the same jeans and shirts on as they do?” There is no doubt that history has a tendency to repeat itself.  That’s why this entire article is all about the classic, vintage jean jacket. The charm of the all-American jean jacket is that you can wear it with anything depending on your genre of style that day. For instance, you could wear it with a maxi dress for a bohemian look or a graphic T-shirt for an edgy look.

A jean jacket is a necessity to have as a college student. You can wear them to class, to weekend parties, and out with friends for Sunday brunch.

Many people have trouble deciding what pants to wear while rocking a jean jacket. My number one piece of advice is to never wear a blue jean jacket with the same color blue jeans. The TV show, Fashion Police, would label that a big no-no. Instead, wear black leggings or black denim. Slipping on a pair of black jeans is a simple way of turning a laid back, casual look into something more pulled together.

Another alternative is ripped black jeans which produces more of an edgy appearance. Adding to the edgy look, a graphic T-shirt is the perfect shirt to pair with a jean jacket. For example, this Fashionista wore a Bowie concert shirt that lent a punk appearance to the outfit. For a pop of color, she sported burgundy booties that brought the outfit together. Finally, this stylish chick simply added a black choker so that attention wasn’t drawn away from my outfit.

So if that doesn’t convince you to go out and invest in a jean jacket, I don’t know what will.  They are versatile and will help dress up or down any outfit. Jean jackets are the perfect complement to anyone’s’ early-spring wardrobe.