ALL IN THE DETAILS: Let's Get Graphic

April 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

Graphic T-shirts or tank tops are a great way to achieve a relaxed, chic look. Graphic shirts can add coolness to a look and make your style truly unique. Pick a shirt with the logo of your favorite band, or sport a saying that describes you. It can often be tricky to decide on the perfect graphic T-shirt because there are so many options. First decide what you want your outfit to say about you and then go from there. If you’re feeling absolutely flawless and want the world to notice, put on your “I Woke Up Like This” shirt. If you’re feeling like a rockstar but want to have a laidback look, a Rolling Stones T-shirt is the perfect choice.

We can see this Fashionista chose a classic Guns N’ Roses graphic tank top that gives her look just the right amount of spice and lets people know a little bit more about her personality. She has put a beautiful long cardigan over the T-shirt. This says that she can be sophisticated and modest but she has a wild side.

The outerwear this Fashionista is wearing dresses up her outfit. She has on a quilted jacket from Colehaan with a pair of booties. You can see the graphic tank top peeking through the jacket, and this gives the look an unexpected and fun twist, which matches the Fashionista’s personality perfectly. She is fun and bubbly, but presents herself in a very sophisticated way. I have to give this Fashionista two thumbs up for a job well done with this look!

How To: Want to achieve the same coolness this Fashionista has? Just pick out a graphic T-shirt or tank top that represents you in some way, and pair it with a nice cardigan and a pair of booties.