It is spring time baby! Where cold, yucky days become warm, bright ones and our pale, winter bodies turn into tan, summer bods. This is my second favorite time of year because it is the season right before my absolute favorite time of year: summer!

Summer is filled with exciting memories, quality time with friends and family, lots of vitamin D and “sea.” But, before my favorite season, we have spring, my second favorite. This is the time of year where the sun is shining bright, but it is just cool enough to still wear your most loved pair of denim jeans with that cute itty bitty crop top that says, “I am ready for you, summer, but I got you, spring!”

As I spotted this Fashionista walking to class, I knew that was the exact idea she had in mind when dressing that morning. In high-waisted denim jeans paired with that pop of color, little cropped tank top, she was ready for summer while entertaining spring.

I like to call this look the less-is-more look because it is all the little, subtle details that make it complete perfection. From the super cute, edgy, black, high heel booties to the little sleeveless cardigan and that amazing stacked bangle, this Fashionista kills it in the less-is-more kind of look.

Sometimes all the details are the littlest ones, but often they are the most powerful. This look definitely proves that.