ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layers of Personality

The words on the Fashionista’s vintage T-shirt read “Whatever.” This phrase captures what fashion represents to every individual, a very personal creative form of expression. This Fashionista is unapologetically herself through her sense of style, and for her it’s all in the details.

Stepping outside of the norms is precisely what this fashion-forward student loves to do, and layering is her first essential. As temperatures drop, we are forced to pull out winter coats, scarves, and more (which is not necessarily a bad thing in my book). However, it is never too early to begin layering lighter fabrics and denim, especially as a native Floridian. What I love about denim is that it serves as a very versatile fabric, marked by different washes and styles.

This acid wash jean jacket coupled with her vintage ringer T-shirt not only complement one another in color, but also deliver a vintage, DIY distressed finish. This reminds me of the latest denim trend for this spring: fringed-hem jeans. These are a twist on the classic denim jeans with a flare of detail. These variations in denim showcase how much of your personality can really come through in your fashion choices.

Her love of layering extends into her accessories. She paired a velvet choker with a pendant necklace. Although these vary in length, this is precisely what gives her look personality, as it plays with different dimensions and textures. The outfit is incomplete without her black skater skirt and matching combat boots, which provide an element of femininity.

For this Fashionista, it is all about putting her unique stamp on traditionally classic silhouettes. The details in her look give the perfect vintage, classy feel.