ALL IN THE DETAILS: Layering Necklaces

Putting a necklace on is usually a straightforward task. Wrap it around your neck; attach the clasp, and boom, you’re done. It’s not rocket science. Oddly enough, it can seem like rocket science when attempting to mix multiple necklaces for an effortless and cohesive layered look.

This Fashionista does an exemplary job of layering her necklaces here by choosing similar pieces and adjusting the lengths to work well together. Each necklace is delicate, simple and gold, which creates a nice theme throughout the accessories. She did a few key things to make her necklaces look just right.

First, none of the necklaces are fighting for attention. Each necklace complements the next, almost as if it’s one giant piece. Second, the necklaces are layered and placed precisely enough that they do not overlap at weird places or bunch too closely together. (Tip: Play around with your necklaces and adjust the lengths to achieve this balance.) Lastly, she incorporates just enough diversity in her pieces to keep the necklaces interesting. Instead of having multiple plain, boring gold chains, she chose a beaded piece, a plain gold piece and a thicker gold chain.

How To:  A necklace like this one would be perfect to layer with something like this or this. Pieces that have simplicity with a touch of intrigue are the best to layer and pair together. This idea also applies to other jewelry or clothing.