Springtime in the Midwest is a beautiful thing. The snow is all melting, the sun is shining and for once in many, many months, the grass is green (albeit a little more on the yellow end of the spectrum). Dressing for the change in seasons can be difficult; what you’d really love to do is throw on a sundress or a skirt and T-shirt and call it a day, but we all know it’s not that warm yet. To compensate for the warmer weather, we go back to our cold weather instincts with some layers.

Most of us would probably associate layering strictly with fall and winter, but it can be great for spring too! Wearing layers makes ensembles perfect for the winter-to-spring transition period by keeping us warm while also giving a sneak peek of our killer styles to be seen in the next few months.

This Fashionista uses a green army jacket to warm up the perfect summer outfit (a loose, floral miniskirt and a light sweater) with a second layer. By rolling up her jacket sleeves, she creates a more laid back feel, like its purpose is more for style than for warmth, and also unveils a floral pattern to tie in with the skirt. The classic knee-high boots are a subtle reminder that we’re still in the final weeks of winter but are also super comfortable and appropriate for class.

How To: Looking for a way to wear your favorite sundress on that first warm day? Try adding a pair of knee-high socks under a similar pair of boots for a little more detail on bottom. Grab a chunky knit cardigan in a neutral shade, and you’re set for spring.