February 23rd, 2017 at 2:00am

This new and upcoming Fashionista has a style of her own that’ll make you stop and stare. She knows how to take on this brisk winter weather with the utmost top fashion.

Modeling a cotton gray trench coat with white cuffs, this Fashionista blocks the cold weather out. Her sleek blue jeans and black booties continue the elegant style, but add a darker side to her ensemble. She pairs this sophisticated coat with an all black lace bodysuit and isn’t afraid to add more detail. By adding a pearl tie choker and beautiful bracelets to her outfit, she shows how her classy side pairs perfectly with her edgy.

The black lace bodysuit is sure to make everyone drop their jaws in awe. Its flowered lace pattern adds elegance, edge, and a gothic look that’ll make everyone run to the store and purchase one. With bodysuits being in high demand right now, she makes sure this outfit is sure to stand out.

Her subtle gray trench coat allows her outfit to have a chic side and gives her a way to stay warm. With the trench coat ending just below her knees, she shows off her skinny blue jeans. You can never go wrong with a nice pair of denim pants.

She incorporates more black by adding a pearl choker and different bracelets to spice up her attire. This classy looking choker is a series of pearls that are strung together on a long black string, giving the Fashionista the option to tie it in the front. She keeps the black accent trend going with her flat black booties. These allow her outfit to have a more laid-back and comfy look for walking around campus.

This Fashionista doesn’t allow anyone to hinder her style. She isn’t afraid to pair a fancy bodysuit with a casual coat and rock it. She has become a walking fashion statement.

Attention, Fashionistas around the world! Make sure you allow your style to shine at all times. Don’t be afraid to pair an elegant piece with a more casual one. Style is all about being free, so do just that.