ALL IN THE DETAILS: Kick Up Your Heels

Heels are having a moment. Before Raf Simon’s fall 2015 Dior runway show, heels were nothing but something to support your shoe. They never got much love and usually just came in standard colors like black, brown or white to match or support the rest of the shoe. They were an afterthought. Then in Paris, Raf Simons put crystal clear heels supporting patent leather sock boots down the runway and everything changed.

Suddenly, heels became the whole point of the shoe. Everyone took a note from Raf and began putting out shoes with heels of all different colors and materials. I personally have a pair of black leather boots with a tortoiseshell heel. That’s why when this Fashionista’s metallic heel glimmered in the sun and caught my eye, I immediately had to get her picture.

She styled her fancy shoes perfectly. She started with a chambray button-up shirt. She could have just as easily tucked it into her skirt, but instead took the more fashionable route and tied the ends together at her waist. She paired her shirt with an amazing black midi skirt that is just the right length to showcase her shoes and then added a gold bracelet and some rings to accessorize.

Her shoes are of the sandal variety and lace-up while exposing the heel. Then for the best part: the heels of the shoe. They are about an inch and a half tall, which make them perfect shoes to walk to class in. She can look fabulous without the pain.

Next time you buy a new pair of shoes, consider the heel. A colorful one could add the perfect amount of subtle detail to your next outfit.