ALL IN THE DETAILS: Keeping Warm on the Coldest Day

February 1st, 2017 at 2:00am

I may have chosen the coldest day of the winter to have a photo shoot (that’s all on me), but my Fashionistas are about to show you how to rock their styles in any temperature mother nature throws at you.

Some common elements you’ll see throughout their outfits are boot socks, big purses, and of course, a plaid blanket scarf from Charlotte Russe (that they both happened to get as a Christmas gift from me).

My first Fashionista decided to let her scarf be the focal point of her outfit. She paired her black fur hooded jacket with some simple black gloves, black jeans, and black boots. Her boots didn’t get lost due to her pants being the same color however; she paired the boots with a cute embellished pair of white boot socks. The white also played off the black nicely in the adorable doctor bag she toted around. The purse sported details in it’s white leather that were similar to the details in her boot socks.

Now onto the colorful part of her outfit. she wore a long, flowy periwinkle colored quarter-length shirt. Although this color wasn’t showcased in the scarf, it gave the illusion as if it may be when mixing it in with the other present colors. This combination paired very nicely and added the extra bit of detail that the outfit needed.

This Fashionista showed you one way to wear a big blanket scarf. She folded hers in half and simply tossed it around her neck. Our other Fashionista sported her scarf two other ways. In her individual shots, she folded her scarf diagonally and wrapped it once around her neck. This look utilizes the inherent purpose of a scarf—to keep your neck warm! In other instances, she folded her scarf in the same diagonal way as before but also rolled the scarf in the same direction to fold in the loose pieces, and tossed it around her neck the same way our other Fashionista did.

My second Fashionista wore an outfit that was simple and effective. Instead of making her scarf the focal point, she incorporated the colors showcased in it throughout her entire outfit. In an effort to stay warm, she layered up, wearing a lace-trimmed camisole, a sweater, and a thick knit button-up cardigan. As your eyes work their way down, your attention will be snagged by a pair of vibrant colored leggings that exhibit almost the same red/burgundy color that stands out in the scarf. Pairing those leggings with a simple neutral boot sock and strappy detailed, heeled boots was a great choice for this Fashionista. Her outfit had good flow without too much going on.

If these Fashionistas taught me anything, it’s that despite the cold temperatures of winter, you can always find a way to look cute—even if it means rocking the same scarf as your best friend. Thanks to your own unique style, no two outfits look the same.