ALL IN THE DETAILS: Keeping it Neutral

Who said neutrals are boring!? This Fashionista rocks a perfectly put together outfit filled with an array of neutrals, and there is nothing boring about it. In fact, there are many positives about having an assortment of neutrals in one’s closet—everything always matches, it is easy to wear pieces frequently without anyone noticing, it allows for less time spent on getting ready and, of course, it helps that neutrals are a classic, so they will never go out of style.

The key to putting together a neutral outfit is to add a fun dimension, whether it is through pattern, print or texture. This Fashionista has incorporated all of the above into her ensemble, the focal point being the windowpane printed dress, which she made herself I might add! For texture, her speckled knit cardigan gives an element of warmth and softness to offset the darkness of the black and brings in the brown tones of her booties and glasses. This Fashionista has clearly perfected the pairing of neutrals together and understands the beauty of them!

Avoid associating neutrals with boring by seeing how sophisticated, put together, classic and effortlessly stylish an all-neutral outfit can be—this Fashionista is a prime example! Next time you are standing in your closet, trying on every piece of clothing you own, taking it off and throwing it on your bed when it’s not the look you want (I think we’ve all been there), go for the neutrals! I promise you will love the outcome and appreciate how simple it is!

How To: Get your inspiration from this Fashionista’s outfit and start off with a printed (neutral, of course) dress. From there, pair your favorite sweater and booties for that perfectly put together look! Depending on the weather, the tights add in that last component to bring it all together. Have fun keeping it neutral.