ALL IN THE DETAILS: Keepin' It Simple

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Keepin' It Simple

Do any of you feel overwhelmed by your closets? Don’t know what to wear to school? I certainly have felt like my closet is daunting at times! Sometimes, it can feel like you have nothing to wear but maybe it’s a lack of inspiration.

I am most inspired by what I see everyday, whether it’s on campus or roaming around the city of San Francisco. Starting off with basics and simplicity is key. You don’t need to have a full ballgown or tailored suit to look well groomed.

This Fashionisto is turning heads with just a basic off white T-shirt and medium washed skinnies. The distressed hole in the jeans give an edgy meets casual look. The oversized trench is the perfect way to complete the outfit. His accessories such as his watch and rings give a minimalist look. And to finish off the look, he pairs some nice faux suede dark chocolate Chelsea boots.

This Fashionisto is inspired by bits and pieces from celebrities and high fashion models like Zac Efron and Lucky Blue Smith, to name a few. He sifts through what different brands are promoting and bringing to the table and then decides what he can do to bring in his own style within those boundaries. He doesn’t follow one particular set style, rather he is inspired solely by experimenting and getting out of his comfort zone.

This outfit is versatile, fellas you can wear it out almost anywhere! Who doesn’t love to be comfortable in what your wearing while still slaying the game?