Jewelry is one of the favorite items for Fashionistas everywhere. Accessorizing an outfit can completely change a look. It allows people to give their personal touch to the clothes, and it’s a way to give others a glimpse of your personality. However, choosing the right jewelry for every occasion can be difficult, and it’s important to keep in mind where you are going, with whom and what image you are trying to portray.

This Fashionista is wearing shorts, a tank top, a blazer and booties. She also used a silver handbag and silver and gold jewelry. I believe the jewelry she is wearing with this outfit is the perfect example of how to complement an outfit correctly. She decided to go for smaller jewelry, and this allowed people to appreciate the other items in her outfit a bit more. Something I really liked about the jewelry this Fashionista wore was the mix of colors. As you can see in the picture, the black booties had gold straps, and she wanted to use a silver handbag. The solution she came up with was wearing both colors in her jewelry. This is perfect for daytime activities like going to lunch. The whole look is relaxed and comfortable. If the Fashionista decided she wanted to go out later at night, she can easily change her look to that. As I mentioned before, context matters! For a night out, she could change her look by changing her shoes to black pumps, and she could switch her necklace for a chunky statement piece.

How To: The key to getting this look is to have jewelry that reflects who you are and is also appropriate for the event or place you are going to. If you have that, getting this look will be easy for you! You can pair up your favorite blazer with a dress or a skirt. Add the jewelry you have, and you’re ready to go!