This is the time of year when a lot of us are headed off somewhere for spring break. Whether this is just to go home or to explore another side of the world, you can always use a great outfit for your travels. Originally, I was going to just go home and find the cheapest things to do around town. Last minute, I found out that my family in Texas wanted to provide me with a fun senior year Spring Break! So I flew down to spend the week with them. What I was going to pack was going to be a huge struggle for me, but finally I stuck to what I knew about basics and mixing and matching layers.

This Fashionista is a perfect example of the style I am talking about. While her clothes are the basics, she added fun touches to her outfit with her accessories. This Fashionista layered her rings just like she did with her clothes. Her rings are stacked and so are her bracelets. She also has various layers of necklaces that lay nicely against her plain gray V-neck. Her white heeled gladiator sandals with gold studs really pop against the rest of her dark-toned outfit. This Fashionista keeps it looking cool and glamorous with her cat eye tortoiseshell sunglasses. Another must-have accessory the Fashionista is carrying with her is a Michael Kors wristlet. This one is in a fun kelly green color that really helps you get in the mood for spring! A bright, bold color like this also can help accessories pop against a neutral or dark-toned outfit, just as her sandals did.

How To: You know those black jeans or leggings you wear with everything? Here’s where you pair them with a long army-style jacket like this Fashionista’s. All the pockets are great for when you are traveling. The outfit may seem bland until you throw on all your stacking rings and cute new gladiator sandals or casual wedges!