ALL IN THE DETAILS: It's The Little Things

Sometimes, when in desperate search for inspiration, it is helpful to think of a painting when getting dressed. Who will you be today? Will you wear Kandinsky’s canvas—a playful and colorful swirl of geometric lines and shapes—or embody the “Girl with a Pearl Earring” as envisioned by Johannes Vermeer? What about going all out with gold, as done by Gustav Klimt, or layering colors like in the artwork of Sigmar Polke?

As painters do, this Fashionista thought about the details. All the elements of her ensemble are tied together. Every detail expounds on the previous to make the whole; no single piece overshadows the other. Her black and white striped shirt emphasizes the simplicity of the rest of her outfit. The extension of the black of her pants to the black of her shoes draws the gaze upwards. Eyes are drawn to her neckline where a single, delicate gold necklace recalls her gold rings and gold watch. The tall, vertical lines emphasized by her long, draped scarf almost resembles a Greek statue.

All of the elements of this Fashionista’s outfit are structured and geometric. The effect is a clean, streamlined look that can be worn for class, during the day and even in the evening. The impact make-up has on an outfit must not be ignored; her red lipstick is the finishing touch, the last brush stroke, without which the painting would be incomplete. Similarly, her red hair stands in stark contrast to the black and white colors of her top, adding another layer of interesting shapes and colors to the overall look.

How To: Keep the outfit streamlined for a quick, elegant look that can work for day and night. Prioritize one main color, and selectively add jewelry, shoes and other accessories to complete the look.