ALL IN THE DETAILS: It’s The Little Things

Details are a must when it comes to fashion. Anything from jewelry, hats, shoes, even handbags, really make a look complete. It’s a little something extra that can make an outfit go from boring, to the outfit everyone wants to be wearing! The most appreciated detail, that really you can’t walk through the door without, are shoes! Shoes make any outfit 10 times better. The color of the shoes, the style and shoe type can make any outfit you want to create, which is what any shoe lover wants to hear!

With fall and winter approaching, many Fashionista’s are pulling out their booties, because they can go with pretty much any outfit. From jeans to dresses, you can’t go wrong with a good pair of booties. The best look is when the booties have a good contrasting color to an outfit. It stands out making any viewer notice the whole outfit, whereas if a dull colored shoe was being worn the outfit might not be recognized as much. They even help a really casual outfit look very chic and fashionable.

How To: If it’s a cold rainy day, made for relaxing, throw on a pair of jeans, a flannel and booties that have a contrasting color to make that rainy day look really cute. It might seem simple but it’s also super comfy! There is no need to stress about looking bad, because cute booties will save the day no matter what!