ALL IN THE DETAILS: In the Name of Gold

Details, no matter how small, can really make or break an outfit. From the stitching in a pair of jeans to the earrings a Fashionista/o wears, the little things can make a big impact.

In this outfit, we see how gold sets and monograms come together to work so well. Gold is the perfect metallic to wear around New Years as it is just the right touch of flashy. The gold monogram ring and matching bag combo featured here is a subtle way to personalize any outfit. Another great tip to make an outfit more detailed is to add a set of rings. This is an easy way to get rings to match when you’re in a hurry. Whether it be gold, silver, or turquoise, matching sets can be mixed and matched for whatever occasion.

Earrings can also be purchased in sets. These cute bow earrings with a simple diamond stud work well, and can be worn together or separately. This is ideal for someone with multiple piercings per ear as it makes the mixing and matching process much simpler. Other jewelry favorites like bracelets and necklaces can also be purchased in sets based on style and colors as well.

Gold can also be incorporated into non-jewelry items. Notice how the scarf, jacket zipper, and headband all feature gold. If you are not a fan of jewelry, adding pops of metallic can be done this way as well. Pair any basic clothing piece with a gold headband or even gold shoe to add that extra bling to your outfit. No outfit can ever have too much shine!