ALL IN THE DETAILS: Impact Statement Pouch

Though I may not have attended Coachella this past weekend or the weekend before, I still had a blast at One Spark, the world’s largest crowdfunding festival, featuring some of the coolest talent and innovators in my city. Just after walking past 20 blocks of creator projects, I managed to bump into this rad designer/Fashionista!

Just like me, she is a young woman beyond enthusiastic to meet other people with great creative aspirations, goals and energies to feed off of. As you can see here in her outfit, this Fashionista is celebrating the huge and inspiring creative force that surrounds us well beyond the Hemming Park vicinity. You may not see it, but I do.

Denim overalls? This must be a mark of an avid painter or artist with several projects in the works. Clean white Keds? They may just signify her love for the concept of a blank space with endless possibilities that is––her capacity to grow creatively. In fact, Keds are youthful and could represent her undying childlike faith as well. A bodysuit? She could also possibly be an aspiring dancer. And just look at that statement pouch––patriotism on a durable canvas.

That’s it; I know what her outfit symbolizes––the American Dream! Like Katy Perry sings, “Baby, you’re a firework. Come on, let your colors burst.” You will definitely “leave them all in awe,” if you just show them what you’re worth!

How To: Denim overalls may have dominated our developing/Cabbage Patch years, but they can look pretty rad with just the right accessories and undergarments to slightly mature the look. A formfitting top with a romantic silhouette as a base beneath may just be the way to go! Next, grab some fun shades to keep that youthful spirit of yours alive. Last and most importantly, pick a great bold statement clutch/pouch as a focal point to your ensemble! Cool clutches/pouches with inspirational, witty and affirming messages are pretty accessible nowadays. Try to find one with a theme or huge underlying message that speaks and/or motivates you the most!