April 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

First, don’t let the word “mesh” scare you. Mesh is no longer for people who spend too much time at the gym in the ’80s. Now mesh can complement any active wear outfit!

This Fashionista has on a striped, white mesh hoodie. The stripes allow for her graphic tank to show through. Graphic T-shirts are still a huge trend, but why not change it up a little with a mesh top? Another awesome part about this hoodie is that it is perfect for the awkward temperatures that come along with spring. It is also following the knot trend with the tie in the front. The patterned running capris add a little more texture to the outfit and are super comfortable! Throw in a bright pair of running shoes, and this outfit is perfect for class, the gym or a smoothie run!

How To: Mesh can be an intimidating fabric to some people. I am a firm believer that if you think you can pull it off, you can! The easiest way to recreate this outfit is to make sure the mesh top you purchase is in a neutral color. Black, white or a shade of tan are your safest bets. Having the top in a neutral color will make it much easier to pair with bottoms. I also love the idea of a graphic tank top or T-shirt underneath the top. It shows off both pieces perfectly! This Fashionista chose to have a cobalt blue running shoe and I really like the pop of color. If you want to add any sort of color to this outfit it should be in the accessories. Why be a hot mess when you could be a hot mesh?