When it comes to earrings, a simple set of studs, perhaps even pearls, seems to be a solid go to for any look. But why not dare to mix up the earring game? Specifically, hoop earrings are making their comeback as the classic companion to any outfit. From a day walking around class to an evening of glamour and formal wear, hoop earrings are unbelievably versatile and easy to style.

As fabulous as hoop earrings are, they can sometimes be a little intimidating to style. The key to quickly dismissing this apprehension is by trying out the plethora of the styles, sizes and finishes that hoop earrings come in. Find out if you prefer a thin and long hoop that works as a glamorous accent to a look, or a smaller hoop that adds a simple and relaxed vibe to your style, or even a unique hoop that defies the norm of a circular shape, like a heart or an abstract geometric figure. The possibilities are truly endless in the world of hoop earrings, so look to add this trend to your next girls night out look.

This Fashionista styles her gold hoops with an all-black get up, featuring a thrifted graphic T-shirt and Nike leggings. She also adds classic gold sunglasses with floral detailing to compliment the hoops, creating a luxurious combination of gold chromes within her outfit. In addition, this Fashionista adds her staple rings and bracelets that are family jewels passed down to her. To contrast the blacked out T-shirt and pants, a flannel with red accents paired with a red lipstick created an extra monochromatic pop to the outfit.

How To: Grab your favorite black leggings (no shame in wearing them excessively) and a bold graphic T-shirt, add a bright color within the look, layer on the gold accessories, and don’t forget your favorite hoops.