An accessory is interesting if and only if it falls under one of these three categories: it’s incredibly beautiful, it has a lot of personality or it is technological. Now, tech gear is, now more than ever, a fashionable item. From Tory Burch fitness bracelets to Google Glass, designed by Diane von Furstenberg, how can you not love and embrace digital accessories? This Fashionista is a classic example of a tech gear worshiper. She wears over-ear headphones, which are vintage and modern at the same time.

Speaking of which, have you noticed how more and more Fashionistas are succumbing to the bulky and comfortable style of large headphones? The unmistakable small and white ones from Apple seem to be loosing their popularity. Recently, Dolce&Gabbana showed a-m-a-z-i-n-g headphones in its fall 2015 show. Osklen, a Brazilian brand, also showed over-ear headphones in their runway show for São Paulo Fashion Week in fall 2015. Meanwhile, Chanel launched a digital collaboration with Monster Headphones last year.

Another great thing about wearing maxi accessories, like over-ear headphones, is that they are able to transform your outfit. This Fashionista seems cool and laid back with her pair of headphones. If she was not wearing them, the outfit would still look fashionable, but not as urban and interesting.

How To: Besides being fashion-forward, large headphones are comfortable and, of course, necessary for listening to music in public. Therefore, since they are used on a daily basis, my tip is to invest in different colors and shapes, as you would with cellphone cases and watches.