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May 5th, 2015 at 2:05am

With finals week fast approaching, students everywhere are throwing on hoodies and sweatpants after long, endless nights of studying. With derivatives and amendments bouncing around in their brains, the last thing on many students’ minds is what they’re wearing to class. But as always, there are always still students here at Rutgers whose outfits demand a second look as you pass them on the street.

The first thing I noticed about this Fashionista was her all-white outfit. I’ve been seeing a lot of all-white on campus this season. It’s a difficult trend to perfect, and Rutgers students have been pulling it off ridiculously well. This Fashionista takes the concept of the all-white suit and gives it a casual spin. Her high-waisted pants and crop top bring edgier cuts to the sophisticated look. A cropped, unbuttoned blazer ties it all together. While her pieces are white, she incorporates texture in her pants and some subtle stripes in her top, which keep the outfit from looking sterile.

This Fashionista is also amazing at accessorizing. She wears nude pumps that elongate her body and doesn’t clash with or take away from her clothing. The buckled ankle strap is a cute idiosyncratic detail on shoes that could otherwise seems uptight. My favorite detail of her outfit, however, is her hat. This floppy sun hat is perfect for lounging around in the sun during this warming spring weather. The woven material makes it perfect for spring, and keeps it from looking stiff. Especially in college with running around to catch buses and make classes, hats are one of the most neglected accessories, but a hat can really elevate an outfit.

How To: There’s a hat for every occasion and style! Big floppy hats are on-trend for festival season. If that’s not your style, try something else, such as a bowler or a snapback.