ALL IN THE DETAILS: Guy's Semi Casual

November 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Guy's Semi Casual

As a college student, it is important to feel at ease during classes. This Fashionisto values style and simultaneously feeling comfortable as he learns. This cool and collected look is great for the fall season (and studying). Looking suave and dressing as a smart student is very important to stand out in college.

This look is made up of formal pieces and very casual attire. The navy blazer paired with classic Converse sneakers is a perfect blend of dressy and trendy. The terra cotta color of his patterned dress shirt pops against his cool tone blazer. The brown elbow pads add a quirky yet casual element to the fitted blazer. This Fashionisto wears straight fit blue jeans cuffed at the ankles. This outfit is accessorized with a pair of brown clubmaster style sunglasses. An often underestimated accessory that benefits the attire is facial hair. The clean beard with sharp cornered cuts gives his face edge and class. Long swooping hair is fun and looks great with sunglasses pulling the strands back.

The decision to leave the button up open gives the ensemble a chic feel. To replicate this look, use any formal button up shirt, an all-important piece in any man’s closet, and layer it with a casual outerwear article of clothing. A blazer, jacket or coat can accommodate the collar shirt for cold seasons.  To subtract a sense of formality to the look, add a puffy jacket or fun bomber instead of the blazer. Unbuttoning the collared shirt to reveal the graphic tee will drastically give the outfit an easy going appearance. This outfit is effortless and great for fall on campus. Fashion-forward guys will love wearing this semi-formal look. Look cool for all the chilly campus weather this semester dudes!