ALL IN THE DETAILS: Guide to Mixing and Matching

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Guide to Mixing and Matching

I’ve always had problems styling scarves, as I’m never quite sure exactly how to wear them or what to wear them with. I’m eternally envious of those girls who can effortlessly throw one on and look so easily put together. This stylish Fashionista is no exception; not only did I love her scarf, but I was really inspired by her ability to mix preppy and rocker-chic elements in order to create this outfit! Honestly, it all comes down to the details.

The outfit itself is pretty simple, consisting of a weather-appropriate comfy sweater and fleece lined leggings. It’s the cool juxtaposition of the accessories that kicks this basic winter attire up a notch. The preppy pattern and cozy texture of the scarf allow it to be the main, eye catching piece here. It’s perfect for adding a warm layer on a blustery day, and it’s size and bold pattern definitely make a polished, classy statement. However, the smaller, more subtle details are what keep this outfit from going overboard on preppiness. Her rocker-chic ear piercings add a bit of edgy detailing, as do the trendy combat boots. Overall, the vibe isn’t overly preppy or too grungy. It’s perfectly balanced, thanks to the carefully selected detailing.

Details like cool jewelry, funky shoes, or an awesome scarf are the perfect way to add a shot of personality into any outfit. You can incorporate bigger, more eye catching details like the scarf to make a bold statement, or you can use simpler, more subtle elements like the shoes and the earrings to give off a softer vibe. Or, you can do what this fashion maven did and incorporate all of the above! Using a variety of cool, personal detailing makes the outfit as multidimensional as you are.

The secret to awesome style is simple: you don’t have to limit yourself to one rigid aesthetic, whether that be grungy, preppy, urban, sporty–the list goes on and on! It was super cool to see this trendy Fashionista pull inspiration from lots of different style categories to make this look unique. Because in the end, style is all about communicating you’re one of a kind, multifaceted identity, and it’s in the varied details and accessories of an outfit that you can really show it off.

If you were just as inspired as I was by the cool details in this Fashionista’s outfit, I’ve linked some similar items for you all! If you’re looking for a cool patterned scarf, some dope earrings, or some edgy combat boots, look no further.