ALL IN THE DETAILS: Graphic Tees, Please

This Fashionisto’s style has caught my eye from the beginning of the semester! From his snapback hats to his funky textured shirts and his loafers, I was impressed by it all. While we were on a school trip in Seville’s city center, I decided he had to be my Fashionisto this month! I realized that his vibrant outfits go hand in hand with his upbeat personality. What stood out to me with this outfit was his graphic T-shirt. A graphic T-shirt can definitely make or break an outfit, and this tee made the outfit.

Graphic T-shirts have become a lot more popular these days because they are easy to throw on, and they can be worn multiple times yet still look different with every bottom or accessory you pair it with. This Fashionisto’s graphic shirt stood out to everyone here in Spain. Graphic T-shirts used to be something that you just wore with leggings or jeans in grammar school, but now they are worn with almost everything. Whether it’s with suede and leather skirts, destroyed denim, shorts, statement necklaces, chokers or a headband, the list is endless, so it is definitely worth it to invest in some graphic T-shirts.

An essential piece to add to your graphic T-shirt look is a nice pair of shoes! This Fashionisto chose a beautiful pair of navy loafers. He also wore a pair of bold, metallic aviators that matched his bold personality and beautiful smile.

How To: If you want to achieve a similar look, all you need is a graphic T-shirt that suits your personality and some destroyed denim, color of your choice of course. It is way warmer in Seville than in the states right now, so I would recommend a bomber jacket paired with simple loafers.