ALL IN THE DETAILS: Graphic T-shirt Game

Graphic T-shirts are definitely a timeless style and a really cool way to look on-trend while keeping it casual and comfy. Whether you’re rocking your favorite band’s logo, displaying a funny meme or strutting around in the latest vintage print from Urban Outfitters, they’re an awesome way to show to the world a little bit of your personality with your style. However, when you find a great graphic shirt, it can be difficult to style it properly without distracting from the print on your shirt with the rest of your outfit. The key here to keeping the details of your graphic the center of attention is to downplay the rest of your ensemble with simple and non-distracting pieces so that the work on your top can properly stand out.

This Fashionisto is perfectly nailing the look, pairing his one of a kind black and white graphic T-shirt with some classic Levi Brand Jean shorts and black loafers. The extremely detailed and personalized graphic fully stands out from the rest of his outfit because of how he chose to style it. The reason that this pairing ends up working so well is because he is sticking to the color scheme portrayed on his shirt so as not to overwhelm the intricacy of the artwork. This Fashionisto also skipped on the accessories to keep the focal point of his look obvious and simple. The denim shorts and classic look are always a good call when you’re trying to look casual but keep an element of quality clothing in your outfit. The black loafers also add to the casualness while matching the color scheme portrayed in the graphic, which ties everything together.

How To: If you’re trying to successfully pull off the graphic T-shirt look, keep the focus on intricate artwork by pairing your shirt with simple pieces and non-distracting colors.