ALL IN THE DETAILS: Graphic T-shirt and Ripped Jeans

Spring is almost here, and that requires a change of the clothes that are easily reachable in your closet. I look forward to this time of year! Spring is so close; you can almost smell it.

This perfectly paired casual outfit is appropriate for the calm temperatures and the vibes of the breakthrough weather. So many trends come and go, but I am really into wearing graphic T-shirts. This Fashionista’s choice of T-shirt fits together amazingly with the ripped jeans. Ripped jeans have been in style for the past year, and I hope they never leave! I love the distressed and rigid look that adds to the overall style of her outfit.

This Fashionista also manages to add a fun and different style to her overall outfit with her moccasin inspired gym shoes. She ties the color and the vibe from the graphic shirt altogether. If I was to add anything to this outfit, I would suggest adding large hoops to compliment the shorter graphic T-shirt.

On another note, I want to focus in on this Fashionista’s shoes. I am in love with the style of a moccasin boot mixing with a comfortable gym shoe sole! The fringe of the shoe adds a compliment to the cuffing of the distressed jeans.

Keep your favorite ripped jeans in a handy place because they are what you will want to be wearing for spring’s weather! This outfit is a perfect for a day of class but also prepares you for looking stylish on campus!