April 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

The warm weather is finally starting to make a normal appearance into our forecast, which can only mean one thing—no more snow! Warmer weather means school is coming to an end, which can be the most exciting, yet stressful time. Though my life, along with many other students, is extremely busy at the moment, there’s a saying I’ve always lived by no matter how much is going on. I’ve always told myself, “dress well means you test well.” Although I’m not taking an exam every day, I still find myself making up excuses for not getting dressed in the morning. By no means do I think students need to look business professional 24/7, but I do believe that when you dress well you will be more successful.

This Fashionista is a prime example of my saying. Her outfit not only looks put together but also is appropriate for multiple occasions. Sticking to neutrals can really  brighten up a look and allow you to start bringing spring pieces back into your wardrobe. What really caught my eye about this Fashionistas look was how she added little pops of color and metallic throughout her outfit. Her gold sandals and green earrings with gold accents really pull her look together and work well with her beige sweater and white pants.

Gold can be difficult to pull off at times, especially when the golds are different shades, but this Fashionista has done it right! When adding multiple elements of gold into one look, the gold tends to overpower the rest of the outfit so try adding subtle hints like this Fashionista has done. Metallic accents are becoming a popular trend, mainly when looking for a way to add some color to an outfit without overdoing it. Her subtle gold accessories and sandals are a great way to make her neutral look stand out.

How To: Too cold to rock a pair of jean shorts and a tank top? Sandals are a great way to make a look feel appropriate for the slightly warmer spring weather. Rocking a pair with a sublet hint of metallic also adds a little pop to an outfit and a prime example for wanting to show off your flashier side.