April 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

With the perspective of a wide-eyed first year in college, I’ve had many interesting experiences (yes, you know what I’m talking about—those freshmen experiences) that have prompted me to formulate and confirm several generalizations about the ultimate college experience. While this one isn’t scandalous or juicy, one generalization that I have been able to confirm is that college is all about expression. It’s a beautiful time in our lives; we are developing as individuals and therefore finding outlets to express ourselves, especially in an environment where it is fully encouraged. In conjunction, a large part of fashion is expression—what you choose to wear represents your personality and individuality; and just like this Fashionista, a great way to express yourself and your interests is with your wardrobe, also known as a classic staple: the graphic T-shirt.

Graphic T-shirts are probably one of the best (and easiest) ways to start a conversation. I spotted this Fashionista because her cropped Led Zeppelin top was so interesting and vibrant, working incredibly well when paired with her high-waisted printed pants. Needless to say, the crop top craze is still well and alive; with its presence in several runway shows, this iconic hem is undoubtedly a trend worth following.

It’s also incredibly easy to incorporate a graphic T-shirt into your wardrobe! Honestly, you could even make your own graphic T-shirts (hello, iron-ons!) to represent yourself. But if you’re like me, who loves DIY but never really gets around to it, then you’re totally in luck because graphic T-shirts come in a HUGE variety. You can be expressive by representing one of your favorite bands, like this T-shirt of The Strokes, you could show off your sassy personality with some funny text or even exude your own personality, like this top that gives off chill vibes.

How To: Bought a shirt but still want to look cute without the typical T-shirt and jeans combo? You could tuck the top in a cute skater skirt for a sweet and flirty look, pair it with loose pants with a fun print or even wear it with a cool maxi skirt.