From accessing the latest season’s trends, I have to say that skin tight garments are on the outs and loose-fitting clothes are all the rage. Shirts that flow and skater skirts are being spotted all around campus, providing a nice touch for the upcoming spring. Creating an airy, more whimsical look gives girls a comfortable and cute way to dress for class or for a date with your chemistry crush.

This Fashionista is already a part of this trend because she is wearing a simple, black, flowy tank top that is perfect for spring and can be worn all the way through summer. The tank top’s loose bodice provides comfort for this Fashionista, making it an easy choice when picking out your daily outfit.

In the Midwest, we all know that “spring” is a very fluid concept, going from 75 degrees and sunny to 25 degrees and snowing. This Fashionista is keeping her outfit in the transitional season by wearing a long, thick cardigan over her tank. Although the patterns on her cardigan and tank contradict each other, they almost make the outfit because it gives dimension to her overall look. Pairing her tank top and cardigan combination with a pair of rolled up skinny jeans and taupe Birkenstocks finishes her spring look.

How To: Fresh out of tops that have a little flow? Run to your nearest Forever 21 and grab a basic flowy tank top because it is a must for the upcoming spring season. Whether it’s patterned, plain or a bright bold color, you need to make sure it’s in your closet this spring. Don’t be afraid to layer it up with a cardigan or a military jacket because any combination that includes a loose top is the perfect outfit for spring. So when picking out your daily outfits, remember, go with the flow.