In State College it seems impossible to determine what season it is; some days it’s sunny and warm and other days it’s cloudy and cool. Because of this, it can be a tough decision on whether or not you should start packing up the winter clothes and let your summer clothes shine. This Fashionista had the right idea when she paired items she would often wear in the winter, with items she’d wear during the warmer weather.

This outfit works in so many ways because this Fashionista made everything neutral, which work for every season. It’s such a simple look, but each element has a mind of its own. This Fashionista started off with a pair of army green pants, which are an item that can be styled in so many ways. She then decided on taking a casual approach to the whole look and pairing the pants with an item you can never go wrong with—a plain, white T-shirt. Since it was a chilly day in town, this Fashionista decided to dress up her look with a pair of booties.

My favorite component out of this whole look, however, was the white jacket. It’s obvious that this Fashionista was going for a more casual look, but the white jacket really made a statement, giving the outfit a more upscale and chic look. What I really loved about this jacket was that it’s an item that can be worn in any season. You can pair it with a dress in the summer or exactly how this Fashionista did in chilly weather. Just remember, there are many ways you can get use out of those winter clothes when the warm weather rolls around.

How To: Start your look off with a pair of army green pants and don’t be afraid to pair it with a simple white T-shirt. Then, select a pair of booties that complement your look or a pair of nude heels if you want to dress it up a little more. Lastly, grab a white jacket and your favorite handbag and you’ll be good to go.