January 16th, 2017 at 2:00am

As we kick off the new year, we get a chance to look back on everything 2016 brought, say goodbye to some things, and revamp some others. Some of us are going to the gym and others are finally getting rid of that outdated cropped sweater from middle school. The new year also gives us a chance to reflect on the trends of 2016. One trend I am definitely not ready to say goodbye to, as of yet, is the ’90s grunge craze. Chokers, patches, and metallic makeup dominated 2016 and are still going strong.

I love to see this type of look out and about, but certain takes on this vintage trend totally stand out to me. While this trend is often defined by its very bold colors and textures, it can be refreshing to see different variations. This Fashionista took a few key elements of the ’90s fashion, while keeping most of her look simple and basic for a more casual and wearable version of “hard-core.” Her oversized, faded denim jacket boasts some gnarly rips, which ties it together quite nicely with her heavily distressed black skinny jeans. The vastly different washes of denim both encompass common ’90s trends, but balance each other out to soften her look. Her white Adidas Stan Smiths are a total throwback and offer an urban, but casual touch to the look. Perhaps my favorite part of this look is the way this Fashionista adds a pop of soft femininity, which makes her stand out from other grungy gals. She keeps it simple as far as jewelry goes, wearing some girly rings, but maintaining her edginess by stacking them on multiple fingers. Finally, and I’ve saved the best detail for last, under her jacket this Fashionista wears a lacy top which ties the whole look together. Its dark gray and black color blocking keeps up with the grunge theme, while the geometric lace neckline adds the ultimate feminine accent. Bold and feminine is a really great combination, if you ask me.

If there is one thing I love to do with my look, it is to mix styles and trends to make an outfit unique and fun. Fashionistas like this are just the people that inspire me!