ALL IN THE DETAILS: Getting Graphic

Spring is just around the corner, which means you can finally ditch your oversized parka and stop wearing boring sweaters and insulated leggings every day. No seriously, cheer up. Warmer weather is about bringing life back to your wardrobe and saying goodbye to those chunky snow boots that are so dirty you leave them outside your dorm room to dry. The snow isn’t as tall as me anymore. It’s time to celebrate!

That being said, the sun’s arrival does NOT mean you can walk around in only pastels and bunny ears. An exciting outfit doesn’t even need much color…it’s all in the details! (Get it?) I know that after Spring Break I hauled an entire suitcase of graphic T-shirts back to school with me. Call me crazy, but when your top’s got it going on, people will notice. Think anything from band tees to different brands or even vacation spots. All T-shirts are good T-shirts—all are welcome.

Take this Fashionista’s successful sporting of her graphics. Retro singer Jane Birkin would be proud that her image is still put to good use in the name of fashion. Paired with the right sweater to combat lingering brisk temperatures and accented leggings makes this outfit the right amount of edgy and fun; just in time to yet again be able to show off your outfit around campus. This Fashionista threw in a pop of color with her blue velvet combat boots, and complemented it with a homemade choker. Kudos, girl!

If you’re looking for inspiration, just think about your interests. Do you like sarcastic or simple sayings? Are you into music? Wanna show off your favorite foods? Never fear, you can find all kinds of T-shirts, from cartoon characters to shirts from a souvenir shop to show off where you’ve been.

How To: Ready to change with the scenery? You’ll be surprised at how cool an old tee could be. If you’re not happy with your options, go to the men’s section at Target (trust me, they’ve got good stuff) or even a local thrift store; you’ll find vintage-looking T-shirts with tons of character. Pair with anything like jeans and sneaks or even a skirt and boots and you’re good to go!