ALL IN THE DETAILS: Gettin' a Little Knotty

April 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

For some reason, I rarely decide to wear T-shirts during the day. It takes a reminder from someone else wearing a cute one to spark the idea in my head. Use this Fashionista as a reminder that T-shirts are always a good idea!

This Fashionista used this plain light pink shirt to tone down the loudness of her floral skirt. She knows that pastels are always perfect for spring time. She slightly rolls up the sleeves and ties a little knot in the front corner to make the shirt the perfect length in relation to her skirt. I love how carefree and effortless this look is!

There are so many fun things you can do with a T-shirt. They are the most versatile piece of clothing that exists. They tell people exactly how you’re feeling that day, whether that is adventurous, tired or chill. I encourage you to utilize this when choosing an outfit for the day.

You can wear a tight little T-shirt and cut it to make it cropped. You can throw on your boyfriend’s oversized T-shirt and roll the sleeves up to your shoulders. You can find an old Avril Lavigne concert T-shirt you bought in ’02, cut it up to make fringe on the bottom and wear it to school or even over your bathing suit at the beach. Tye-dye a old camp shirt and tie a knot on the bottom like this Fashionista did. Over-the-shoulder T-shirts give you a carefree vibe that is perfect for the summertime. Don’t forget that DIY’s are way more fun (and cheap) than buying pre-made shirts at the store. If the weather is warm like it is here in North Carolina, go outside and make a day out of making cool shirts!

How To: Find a cool T-shirt in a style you like, whether it is oversized, cropped, basic, patterned or graphic. Pair it with bottoms that will emphasize the shirt’s shape. Go to Youtube and search for tutorials on how to cut T-shirts. You will have a blast!