April 18th, 2016 at 2:10am

We all have favorites. Favorite songs, people, bags, shoes, etc. It’s in our nature to take preference to things we like. On the matter of gems, while I do have an undying love for opals, it’s turquoise that claims my heart. Personally, I think that it can be traced back to my mother and her obsession with turquoise, so it was this Fashionista’s ring that caught my attention. While obviously not a piece of real turquoise, the beauty of this gem is that even the knock-offs look great. Long associated with artisans of Native American tribes and the Southwest, turquoise is the classier option to the phenomenon of the Aztec print. Perhaps the accessibility of the real and fake versions speaks for itself.

Paired in this Fashionista’s outfit, her turquoise ring adds the perfect subtle pop of color to a casual outfit. Wearing a neutral shirt and jewel toned pants, the size and color of the ring help to bring in a bit of flair to an otherwise plain ensemble.

To take the look a little farther and make it even bolder, don’t leave your favorite gem as just a ring. Big and bright necklaces often are the perfect solution to adding more color to an outfit. Meanwhile, bracelets depend on what you’re comfortable with. Keeping it casual like this Fashionista? Try stacking several bracelets, which looks great without going overboard. Want to add in a wow factor? Try more of a wide cuff bracelet.

How To: Copying this Fashionista’s look brings us back to the basics. Just put on a comfortable, neutral shirt, style it with jeans (color can vary depending upon personal preference), a classic pair of sandals and, of course, jewelry (hint: think turquoise).