ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fur-tastic in Spring

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fur-tastic in Spring

Ever get a furry feeling? There are ways to add fur to your wardrobe without looking like a relative of the animal kingdom.

Having added accessories can make any ordinary outfit get noticed. Wearing anything with fur often gets overlooked and sometimes viewed as cliche. Do not let that stop you! There are several ways to add fur anytime of the year without getting viewed as stereotypical.

Stick with the neutrals, you are already going to get noticed because of the added flair or fur. To add more zest, add some colored lipstick or put on some leather pants. With the colder weather in Washington state make sure and pair the sleeveless vests with long sleeves. It is important to always tame the mane but make sure that the rest of the outfit does not overcompensate. To level out the outfit, go with a long sleeve bodysuit making the under layer appear to be tailored with the jeans. This addition makes the vest the primary piece. To go a step farther adding a necklace or a ring to finish up the look.

How To: Neutrals and accessories are a great way to get noticed without appearing to be a try-hard. For Fashionistas who are trying to get rid of the notion of dressing too simple, become a fur frenzy individual and add to your closet a fur vest from H&M to add style when dealing with a budget. This vest is the perfect addition to be posh but stay warm and cozy.