Let’s face it. Wearing skirts, dresses and heels everyday is a difficult task. Sometimes a girl needs to resort to comfort and simplicity. Remember, just because your outfit is simple does not mean it has to be boring. Whats so great about a simple look is it creates a blank canvas for you to accessorize! Start with a monochromatic or minimal outfit, and go crazy. Whether that be with makeup, tattoos, jewelry or scarves, the choices are unlimited.

This Fashionista nailed dressing up a blank canvas. Notice underneath all her accessories is a plain black turtleneck, classic jeans and boots. The staple item here is her gorgeous faux fur vest. I love the feeling of luxury that a fur jacket gives, plus you can channel your inner Olsen twin. Fur jackets spice up basic outfits making anyone looked dressed to the nines. Jewelry is your best friend when it comes to accessorizing. I love a good hand piece, and this Fashionista’s is to die for. What is so fantastic about a hand piece is it takes the place of your typical bracelet and ring, but it’s so much easier to pick out and throw on. Forget buying a plethora of jewelry; instead, opt for bejeweled or dainty hand pieces for everyday wear.

For the final touch, a clean manicure looks great with everything. I’m sure we are all dying for a professional manicure, but what college girl can afford such a thing biweekly? Sally Hansen has a gel nail polish sold at Target, a girl’s best friend, and most drugstores. The nail polish comes in many different colors, dries fast and gives you that salon fresh feel!

How To: If you are trying faux fur for the first time try a few different styles, sizes and colors on in different stores before you purchase. Faux fur has a large range in quality and can make every body type look different so you want to be sure you adore the jacket. Experiment with your favorite plain T-shirt, throw that fur on top and you’re ready to go!