ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fun in Florals

March 6th, 2017 at 2:00am

On a surprisingly and even record-breaking warm February day in Boston, it is easy to start getting into the spring mindset. While dreaming of warmer days to come, this also entails wearing less layers, lighter colors, and fun patterns, especially florals. This excitement usually comes along with tucking away your heavy winter jackets and accessories far out of sight. When choosing what to wear, the small details are what make your style unique and personal, and ultimately put the whole outfit together.

One particular look that stood out to me was filled with several little details that really brought the outfit to life. This Fashionista was wearing a cream colored key-hole blouse with a beautiful and bright floral pattern. What really made this blouse exceptional was the bow that tied around the neck for a sophisticated and feminine touch. She paired it with beige linen pants for an airy and flowy look, perfect for a sunny day, along with some neutral sandals. To accessorize, she added bold metallic details with stacked gold bracelets and a classic pair of Ray-Ban glasses that are perfect for any occasion. The rose and white colored stones from the bracelet complemented the shirt’s pattern while the other had the word “believe” engraved for an inspirational message on this beautiful day, which was actually quite unbelievable for typical Boston weather. The look was complete with her denim jacket, the ultimate spring layer as it often tends to get chilly when the sun goes down.

I hope this stunning outfit inspires you and your spring wardrobe, and gets you as excited for spring as it did for me.