May 4th, 2015 at 2:10am

I am pleased to announce that is it finally spring in Newark, Delaware! Although the calendar says it has been spring for a few weeks now, the warm weather is finally making its way up north. Spring is a beautiful time in Delaware; the weather is perfect and the trees are in full bloom. Students can be seen on the green in between (or instead of, which I don’t particularly recommend) classes enjoying the gorgeous weather. In case it has been too long since you have seen nice weather and you forget how to dress for the occasion, get ready for some breaking news.

Floral is in this season! As the great Meryl Streep once said while playing Anna Wintour’s alias known as Miranda Priesly in The Devil Wears Prada, “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” So yes, it’s nothing you haven’t heard before. However, it is not the actual pattern of floral that is trendy this season—it is the style of the floral pattern. This Fashionista’s floral capris are bold and vibrant, which make them the key piece of this outfit. The capris truly capture the essence of spring. Additionally, only the key colors: red, green and gray are utilized to really make the flowers stand out and make a statement of their own. The look is finished off with other small details, such as this Fashionista’s unique necklace and stackable bracelets. Overall, this Fashionista is ready to tackle spring with her unique take on a floral pattern.

How To: First, choose a bold and colorful floral patterned article of clothing. Make this piece the focal point of the outfit and coordinate the rest of your outfit around this piece. Stick only to solid colors from the pattern when planning around the focal point. Finish the look off with your favorite jewelry accessories!