February 13th, 2017 at 2:00am

A new semester at a new school is awesome! Hello everybody again! I’m Khuyen, a transfer student at Texas Christian University, major in fashion merchandising. My school provides such valuable experiences for me to get to know people and make friends, especially with whom share common interests in fashion and photography. The Fashionista in this picture is one of them.

My first impression about this Fashionista is her hair style. The neo-pink color does stand out because of her natural dark hair. As you can see, she has a simple style, wearing a plain T-shirt, worn blue jeans, and a pair of dark, simple Vans. If you are a fan of the Vans brand, as I am, black shoes should be your must-have items in your closet. Indeed, it’s clever to pick a simplistic style as a back-to-school outfit because it saves times and easily mixes with a variety of accessories. I’m loving her bracelet and necklace. Her bracelet looks like black chains which are cool, and it also matches with her necklace that perfectly reflects shiny effects under the sunlight. Without these items her long sleeved, dark green T-shirt looks dull. Moreover, as a fan of leather items, I’m down for her purse that has a dark brown color, which is humble and elegant enough to harmonize with her style.

My first day of school was embraced gracefully by many inspiring people that motivated me to work hard and pursue my dream job as a fashion editor. Please shoot me as many comments as you want to because I crave for learning and improving my skills of writing and photography. I appreciate comments from all of you. Thank you and have an excellent semester of working and studying.