Like most fashion trends, they evolve from a past trend or decade that leaves our parents saying “I had the same pair of jeans 30 years ago.” Today’s hottest trend is coming at us straight from the ’70s and no one could be happier. With this trend comes a plethora of denim, patterns and fringe.

Fringe can be seen in many different shapes and colors on bags, pants, jackets and skirts. Anything that exists in the fashion world currently can, and most likely will, have fringe on it. This Fashionista has demonstrated this trend with a neutral colored sweater with frayed fringe lining. She paired this sweater with a leather mini and over-the-knee boots. This outfit is the perfect pairing for the spring weather that is attempting to pave its way throughout the North. Although it can be warm at times (hence the mini) the breezy conditions can get quite cold resulting in pairing most outfits with great spring jackets or in this case a sweater.

This look flows perfectly, as it has all different textures and colors that complement each other. There is enough detail to the outfit without being overwhelming and taking away from any aspect of the look.

How To: Want to rock the fringe trend but hesitant to go all out? Go for a subtle fringe to add to an outfit. Fringe necklaces or bags are the best to experiment with the trend, then add to your fringe closet if it works best for you!