ALL IN THE DETAILS: Friendly Denim

Since the release of Friends on Netflix, I can’t get enough of Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox’s ‘90s wardrobe. On the show, the leading ladies’ clothing embodies their effortlessly cool lives in the big city. I do admit, I have enjoyed a few too many episodes over the course of the quarter, but I consider it a required study of style and therefore a necessary indulgence.

After a morning Netflix binge, I mistook this Fashionista for a member of the sitcom’s cast. In a revival of the past, her belly baring crop top and knee-length skirt melded Monica, Rachel and Phoebe’s characters perfectly. She maintained effortlessness, while balancing clean-cut chic and refined bohemian—quite the feat. Her outfit combines an elegant black tank top’s flattering, feminine cut with a petal-hemmed, floral midi. On top, her oversized denim jacket neutralizes the tank top and skirt’s sophistication. Without it, her look would lose its ‘90s street style in favor of a later, simple silhouette, characteristic of the early 2000’s.

Jean jackets are currently trending but this Fashionista’s jacket is oversized and light washed, just like the rough Levi look popular during the show’s run. Before they made their reappearance in Marc Jacobs’ shows and Free People catalogues, denim jackets were not ladylike and body conscious. They possessed a boy-like edginess. When worn bigger and lighter now (steal it straight from the boy-toy’s closet), these denim staples can roughen up any flirty skirt and/or summer blouse. What a perfect throwback!

How To: Going out for dinner with the girls? Take your simple, spring pairing, whether a sundress and sandals or a tank-top and shorts, and throw on a ‘90s vibe, denim jacket. Your friends will envy your Friends-like style.