ALL IN THE DETAILS: For the Love of Denim

ALL IN THE DETAILS: For the Love of Denim

The weather is getting cool, the days are getting shorter and the amount of layers I wear seems to increase daily. Fall is clearly around us. One of my favorite times of the year is the transition from summer to fall. I love skimming through magazines or perusing through Pinterest to find the latest fall trends. This fall in particular I have found myself people watching on and off campus, observing how other suburban Chicagoans are choosing to dress this fall.

When I met with this Fashionista her outfit did not disappoint. She certainly found herself a perfect transitioning to fall outfit. Decked out in denim she wears a light weight ombré chambray top and dark jeans. Her chambray shifts the lighter half of her outfit into the darker half. It starts with her denim white cap and goes down to her fun black buckle wedges. It’s a subtle yet lively progression. A dainty sea shell choker hanging around her neck brings her outfit together flawlessly.

When I asked about her fashion choices this Fashionista stated that one of her favorite places to shop is Forever 21. Having lived in Korea and Peru, her prevailing tastes in fashion are certainly unique from many in the United States. She isn’t afraid to be bold and stand out.

This Fashionista ties her hair back in a braid for a perfect on-the-go look. With a pop of orange eye shadow, making her whole ensemble stand out just a little bit more this Fashionista is ready to take on the world.