ALL IN THE DETAILS: Florals for Spring

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Florals for Spring

Dressing for the ever so changing weather can be quite the challenge when it comes to being a Chicagoan. Luckily, this Fashionista knows how take advantage of the sunshine while it lasts with an outfit worth flaunting. Florals for spring are, undoubtedly, groundbreaking, as the great Miranda Priestly once said. So what better way to show off your excitement for the season than by wearing a classic piece covered in just that?

With vintage-styled floral print and tessellating patterns, this fashion and costume design student makes a thrifted, vibrant dress the main focus of her outfit. She then takes it to the next level with a black jacket, immediately transforming her look from plain girly to edgy chic. But it’s the fine tuning of details such as the studded oblique lapels and the array of colors overlapping onto a sweetheart neckline that are the most eye-catching. Clearly, she isn’t afraid to play around with or combine contrasting elements to create one cohesive look—a Fashionista who stays true to her sentiment.

To pull the outfit together, this Fashionista tops it all off with a black velvet ribbon choker that she purchased from an Etsy shop. If 2016 taught us anything, it’s that the throwback trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and the ’90s resurgence is still in full effect. Effortlessly handling the transition from winter to spring, she puts on a pair of tights and ankle booties, one of our favorite strategies to getting to wear our sundresses early on.

This Fashionista shows with her campus-ready outfit that every thread counts, creating a look that makes her feel both bold and feminine. Her personality shines through within every distinguished detail, from the florals on her dress to the adornments on her jacket. Whether it’s by experimenting with different patterns and colors or trying on a new statement piece, fashion gives us the power to communicate who we are to the rest of the world—and that’s what makes it so special. With every stitch, seam, and finishing embellishment, we can tell our own, individual stories through the universal language that is our clothes.

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