In the words of Miranda Priestly, “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” Although it’s probably the most predictable of spring trends, it has remained a classic for so long due to its versatility and ability to change and adapt to the current styles throughout the years. Florals are the print embodiment of spring: fresh and clean, while staying fun and bright. With the revival of the ’70s bohoemian trends, they’re being adopted in completely new ways. What first caught my eye about this Fashionista’s style was how light and clean her style was. By pairing a darker pair of floral shorts with a flowy white blouse with lace detailing, it created the perfect ensemble for a breezy spring day.

When you think about spring silhouettes, what usually comes to mind? I usually picture flowy pieces that create a lot of movement. It’s airy and light, which makes most spring pieces really great for transitioning between spring and summer seasons. What initially stood out to me in this Fashionista’s ensemble was her pair of flowy floral shorts. Not only are they super cute, but they are also extremely versatile. Taking them from day to night would be a breeze with the right change of accessories. By incorporating a change in color scheme to an already monochromatic outfit, this Fashionista found a great way to stand out! To perfect your spring style, try jumping outside of your comfort zone, and pair texture with pattern. It creates soft visual interest without making it too overwhelming. A soft peasant shirt with lace and eyelet detailing is the perfect way to balance the loud shorts.

To balance out the rest of her outfit, this Fashionista decided to play with some dainty accessories. Keeping things simple is key, so tiny and delicate rings and earrings are the perfect touch. Since the outfit already had so much going on, adding some white sneakers are the best way to draw attention to the floral shorts. They act as the nude pumps of the casual ensemble world, playing off the visuals of the rest of the outfit.

This outfit plays off the best aspects of spring: keeping things relatively organic and simple but with breezy and light silhouettes which are also perfect for transitioning into summer.

How To: So how would one take the perfect pair of sunny and bright shorts and incorporate them into a nighttime ready ensemble? Start with a neutral dark base. A silky black button-down is the perfect way to look like you’re ready for a night on the town, without taking too much away from the shorts. Add some black thigh-highs and your favorite pair of black heeled booties, and you’re ready!