ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fitbit Your Way To Style

With May being National Fitness Month, it was only appropriate that I found this stylish lady incorporating fitness into an everyday work outfit. Check out this brown haired, brown eyed beauty looking polished and chic while wearing a Fitbit watch. Aside from being stylish, Fashionista’s are busy young ladies, and what better way to track daily steps than with a Fitbit. On the same note, check out how versatile the watches can be, this Fashionista based an entire outfit around the Fitbit.

A black Fitbit is the perfect accessory because it matches anything and everything. This Fashionista paired it with a pair of black pixie pants from Old Navy, a must-have essential to any wardrobe. They also can be dressed up, dressed down and are perfect for the chilly mornings and the hot afternoons of spring. By pairing the black pixie pants with a black shirt and the black Fitbit, a base outfit of black was created and allows for a pop of color to be added with further accessories or clothing.

This Fashionista made sure to make a color statement by added a coral sweater over her black shirt. Coral is a perfect color to start bringing back into your wardrobe with summer right around the corner. The necklace correlates to the sweater and helps to brighten the top part of the outfit. Adding another accessory besides the Fitbit allows the Fashionista to make the outfit more stylish and less sporty.

Follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista by adding a Fitbit to your own outfit, and you will be sure to achieve a look that is sporty yet chic.

How To: Want to participate in National Fitness Month, but your busy schedule does not allow you to hit the gym that often? Invest in a Fitbit which can be added to a sporty or a professional outfit. You can track your steps and look ever so chic at the same time.